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Alrighty then. The weekend from hell is over, I got to finish work at half 4 instead of 6, got home and watched House and Boston Legal that I taped on thursday, and now I am enjoying the fact that I have time to do anything at all other than sleep before I'm back at work. I don't need to be there until 12 tomorrow. Yay! I don't mind getting to work for 9am, but to do it after finishing at 10 the previous night is a little insane. I have next sunday off though. Well, so far I do. I've been asked to work it, but that would mean working 10 days in a row, and then however many they give me next week, when my first day off will either be the thursday or possibly even the sunday. I don't think I could do 16 days in a row! Anyway, seems all I do recently is moan about work, which is boring even to me, so instead I'm going to ramble on about Boston Legal.

Okay, so I've just seen the ep where Jerry Espenson is back, that's the one that was on this thursday on Living. It lacks the huge ammount of Denny and Alan scenes that made the last one so fecking perfect, but I do love Jerry. And I love how Alan responded to seeing how well he was doing, he was smiling like he was all proud of him. Or possibly amused, but that's not a very Alan thing to do. Though to be fair maybe he felt able to becuase he knew Jerry wouldn't notice... Anyway, when they are practising innterveiwing the defendent, and Jerry says where are you from, and Alan says Senegal (or however you spell it!) and Jerry goes, "Senegal, yes! He might also say the town he's from, but that's okay. Whatever he says I can deal with it." Or something similar to that. For some reason I just loved that line, it's so right.

And yes, that judge was distracting, I totally agree on that one. Wtf? Like you get judges pacing around at the fromt of the court room. He deserved to be told off! Maybe not by one of the lawyers, but still...

Of course, the whole idea for the episode was a bit silly. I mean, it was his first trial, surely it wouldn't be an attempted murder one!

Oh, also. I love Shirley Schmitt so much. How much does she rule? Seriously! Brad Chase on the other hand is very very boring. I liked him much better when he was chopping people's fingers off.

Yeah, I may delete this later, because it's just pointless rambling, isn't it?

Right. I think I'm going to watch a film.
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