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Tuesday's over

Another Atlantis episode been and gone. Home. A good one, granted, but not a great one. Not nearly enough McKay in if for my liking. I think it was because a lot of it focused on Weir, who usually isn't such an important character. McKay reminded me of myself a few times during that episode. How scary is that?! Well, it was mostly just the way he got in, flopped on the settee and switched the telly to sci-fi. Although the eating crisps that had been there for ages, that was a little gross! I don't think I'd have done that. Not would I have nodded off on the settee without my trousers on. I can't help but wonder what exactly he was doing before he took his 'power nap'! Oh, the phone messages too! He's been gone for how many months? And not a single message. Oh, I feel sorry for the both of us!
That bit of the planet while McKay was fixing the DHD so it could dial the 8th chevron was hilarious, when he was going on about how totally invaluable he is everywhere. And he described himself as respected at the SGC! I think he may be a bit deluded! (Incidentally, that didn’t remind me of me. I’m nowhere near that full of myself!)
Anyway, that's enough rambling about Stargate. I need to get it out of my system because I am trying, really trying, not to ramble about it to my sister. Not too much, at least.

I don't know what I'm going to do about a job. I really need one! But everywhere I look it says 'age 16-19' or 'must have experience' Either that or some bumf about good telephone manner or 'excellent communication and organisational skills required'. I just think, that is really, really not me. I mean, one week and they'd find out I'm about as organised as I was when I was five, and communicate about as well! Okay. I need to come up with something that I could, at least theoretically, do. It has to be something that I wouldn't hate too much, and that someone might be willing to give me a chance at. Any ideas? No, didn't think so.
This is very depressing. I think I might spend my whole life watching the Sky One and the Sci-fi channel and talking about the shows online. "The internet - it's like a social life, but for geeks!" Hey, that'd make a good advertising slogan. If, you know, someone actually needed to advertise the internet. Which they wouldn't.

Started a new story today. I don't know if it's going to go anywhere though. It's a kind of angsty H/C preslash Beckett/McKay thing. I'll post it if I finish it. If it doesn't suck too much.
Oh yeah, also ordered Nothing from Now I just need to get it and see that I can actually play it. Then I can stop stressing.

So, anyway. Here I am at nearly 2am. Now, what time did I say I wanted to be in bed by most nights? I think it was two. Not gonna happen tonight though, but I could just about make it if I went now. Okay, I'm going. But this is to be in no way taken as meaning I will stick to the list. After all, I'm only going because no one seems to be on the message board.

163 hours to the next Atlantis, The Storm. Oooh, exciting!
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