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I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Sunday. It was okay. Lacked something that the first one had though. Not sure what though. Maybe it was the impressiveness. I mean, I saw the first one because my friend forced me to since we were on the ferry back from Holland and there was nothing else to do. I fully expected it to suck and it really really didn't. Maybe I had too high expectations. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't awful or anything, it just wasn't the first one. Which is kinda obvious really. And without giving too much away, the ending is designed to set it up for the third film, so unlike the first one, this can't stand on its own. It needs the popularity of the first to bring in the audience, and it needs the third for a conclusion. So basically, it's a sequel. Lets be honest, it's very rare for a sequel to out-wow the original. It's not unlike the second Matrix film in that it seems like half a film. Annoying, because the conclusion to the original one was fine without opening it all up again. I hated both Matrix sequels though, and I didn't hate this. I just felt slightly let down.

Now, next thing I have to see is Superman Returns. That better be good. No idea when I'll get to see it though, I'm working all the time at the moment. That's the annoying thing about my job, when the good films come out, I can't go see them because I'd have to give up the extra hours I get because of the huge numbers of other people booking to see them. Saturday was insane. 9-8, none stop. And I only got half a dinner time. I'm expecting this Saturday to be just as bad, worse in fact because all day I'll know I have to work the Sunday this week too. *sigh* Oh well, at least I get paid for it!
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