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I'm following my tradition of developing a tv obsession every time I'm home alone for any length of time. This time it's Monk. Again. My last Monk obsession was over a year ago, and now it's back. I even bought a book. My Monk Goes to the Firehouse. It's really good, except for a few mistakes. Natalie gets home from a date to find Monk walking out of her kitchen holding a glass of milk? Erm... Monk's scared of Milk, everyone knows that! And I could be wrong, but I don't remember anyone ever mentioning that he has loads of allergies. Also, there's this one bit where Monk refuses a hand wipe from some guy because it's not his usual brand, Wet Ones. I don't think he uses Wet Ones. I'd have noticed because that's what I use. Not that I use them anywhere near as often as Monk or anything. But still, I'm sure it's a different brand.

And then I was watching Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion (the latest episode) last night and it's full of flashbacks to when he first met Trudy. But it shows them meeting at college, but in Mr Monk Goes to the Ballgame he says he was already a cop when they fell in love.

Sorry, I hate inconsistencies.

I think today I'm going to watch something else!
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