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Working 9-6 isn't so bad, but I hate 9-8. It's seriously insane. I worked 9-6 today as overtime, which is all good because my part time hours suck. But I want 9-6 every day, because I almost felt like I didn't need to go straight to bed afterwards. Wow, two extra hours makes all the difference, finishing at 8 is juts too late for a Saturday. Never mind.

I've got tickets for AFI in Bristol in October. My sister's at uni there, so I'll be able to use her flat as an impromptu doss house for the night. Which is good.

In other news, I hate my job with a vengeance and really really need to find a new one before they introduce rules against breathing or something. With all the new insane rules this week, it really wouldn't surprise me.

The last Monk ep of this half season aired on Friday, I have it but I haven't watched it yet. I'm reluctant because it means no more new Monk until January after I've seen it!

By the way, if this post seems random/insane/weird it's because I've had a bit (of a lot) to drink. That's another good thing about finishing at 6:you get a lot more drinking time in!
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