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It's summer again. I'm wearing shorts and a strappy top, and I'm too hot. Not that I'm complaining or anything, just I thought the summer was more or less over. So yay!

I thought I'd get called in to work today. It was mad yesterday, more than half the people who were supposed to be in just didn't bother turning up. I guess that didn't happen today, which is unfortunate, because I could really use the extra money. Still, at least this way I can stay home and enjoy the sunshine. I just took Milly out for a walk, we went to the field across the road, but it was full of people and other dogs, so she kept running off to greet them!

My mum's going on about going to see that Sound of Music show that they're doing the auditions for on TV. She says she wants to see it because John Barrowman's in it. Is he? I didn't even know that. Fair enough. I get the feeling I'm going to be dragged along though, and that I'm going to be buying my own ticket too. Talking of John Barrowman, when is Torchwood going to be out? Right, I'm gonna have some food and watch more Slings and Arrows with Jennie.
Tags: real life, slings & arrows
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