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I'm going down to Bristol on the 15th October, partly to visit my sister at uni, mostly to see AFI. The plan was to get a train down Sunday morning, arrive sometime mid-afternoon, go to the show, then have a look around Bristol with Jennie on the Monday morning before getting a train back up in the afternoon. And then I tried to book a train.

Getting back was no problem, but getting there they must have closed some of the track of something, because all I can do is get a train to Sheffield, change, train to Birmingham, bus to Gloucester, train to Bristol. It would take around 7 hours. Which means that unless I want to arrive exhausted and headachey, five minutes before the show starts, I'll have to go down the day before. Which would be fine, apart from I work Saturdays. And the trains are all messed up then too, so there's no chance of getting a later one.

So then I get in yesterday, and my mum tells me she's found flights from Leeds/Bradford to Bristol. £35 each way, only marginally more than the train. And gets me there in an hour instead of 7. Unfortunately, there aren't any during the day on Sunday, so I'll have to go on Saturday morning. But, she says, they'll probably go fast, so Id best book them if I want them. Problem is, I haven't got the day off work yet. Getting a day off work involves filling in a form and waiting about a week to find out whether it's been accepted or not. By which time it would probably be too late.

And so, I book it. I figure I'll fill in the form at the next possible opportunity and hope to hell they okay it. And now I'm worrying that they won't. I think I've done something a little stupid! But it's booked and I can't get it refunded. So whatever they say, I'm not going to be going in on that Saturday.

Well, I'm giving them over a month's notice, and it's only the second day I'll have had off. And I've never called in sick. It'd be a bit unfair for them to say no, wouldn't it?

Oh dear...
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