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I haven't had time to post until now. I went down to Bristol this weekend to see AFI. The show was amazing. The place they were playing was really small, it was divided into three parts, a main floor, a small bit with a bar and an upstairs bit where you probably had a great veil, but I doubt it really felt like you were there. If that makes sense. We were in the front part, which sort of turned into a giant mosh pit. Which was cool, except for the getting stomped on part! But the front was definitely the best place to be. And they did loads of my favourite songs. Jennie was a bit disappointed they didn't do Killing Lights though, but I don't know what she loves so much about that song. They did Miss Murder, of course. It was the last one they did, and the whole place sort of exploded! They weren't on for that long though, or maybe it just seemed short, I don't know. The two support acts were good too.

The place was really weird though, if you have a bag, they search it. So anyone without a bag could go to the front. And they for some reason didn't allow sweets. So I had this packet of tic tacs in my bag, and the guy said he should take them, but let me keep them. Weird. Someone in front of me had a huge bar of chocolate taken though, a mint Aero, one. I don't know why they were taking a huge bar of chocolate to an AFI show though...
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