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Oh! Squee!

New SGA! How cool is that? Must watch...

But not yet, the staying up late is killing me, this is shaping up to be my 5th night in a row of going to bed after 3. At least I get to lie in tomorrow though.

I'm getting fic ideas again all of a sudden. Strange how that happens, they sort of come and go. Actually, it's been ages since I last finished a fanfic, I think my last one was the Traders fic '5 Days'. No idea how long ago that was, but it wasn't recent. Talking of Traders, I got an urge to watch it the other day. I sort of stopped part way through season 4, then never started to again. I really should watch the rest.

I have also recently begun to rediscover my Numb3rs obsession. And The Dead Zone is back on Sci Fi. I've missed some, so I have to catch up.
And Lost on Sky 1! I did cheat and download the first three, but after this Sunday I'm just as "aaaaagh" as everyone else.
Monk Christmas special last week. Wtf? But of an odd time for it, isn't it? But then this from the show that brought us the Hallowe'en show in July...
I'm really not sure about Torchwood. I mean, I love it, but I don't know if I love it as much as I expected too. I'm hoping for much better things in the second half of the series. Then again, the next ep looks to be all about Toshiko, she's not that interesting, I want to know about Jack, damnit!
Also, I'm loving Robin Hood. I didn't think I would, and it's not amazing or anything, but I'm still loving it.

Finally, an update from real life. I've been at my unpleasant and boring job for 6 months now, which apparently means a pay rise! Cool! I'll have to stop complaining as much. Well, maybe not. But an extra 60p an hour is pretty good. They're having their Christmas do part way through December. I said I'd go, but now everyone's talking about dressing up really posh and buying new clothes. If they do, I'm not going to go.

Right, I have a ridiculously long Numb3rs fic to finish reading. I was a fool to start it, I'm going to be up all night and then disappointed because I knew when I started that it was a WIP.
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