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I seem to have done my disappearing act again, don't I? Well, I still exist, and I have no excuses like "I've been busy," to be honest I've just been watching TV. A lot of TV. And writing fanfic.

My sister came home from uni on Monday, so she's been joining me in the TV watching. Incidentally, Due South + my dog is a bad combination. Milly was constantly running over to the TV to growl at Diefenbaker! Last night we watched Sliders, which got us talking about what the various cast members had done since then, which got us onto Joe's Apartment. Which is fairly awful, but I still love it. I fished out a very old video I'd taped off the TV, and we watched it. Now I have to own the DVD.

I'm going in town today, I've got prezzies to buy. Loads of them actually, I've been really lazy this year. I now know what I'm getting for everyone though, so it will just be a case of going and getting it. Then the challenge of getting home with the huge thing my and my brother and sister are getting for our parents. That will be fun.

Also, I'm depressed about something that happened on the latest episode of Numb3rs and I don't think I'll be completely happy until the start of season four.
Tags: numb3rs, real life
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