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BSM are evil

I think the world is conspiring against me.

In addition to not being paid loads of my money this month, BSM rang me this morning to tell me that the driving lesson I had on Wednesday wasn't paid for. I rang them to pay for all my February lessons at the end of January. They told me that one of them was already paid for, which was a surprise because I was sure that it wasn't, but they insisted, yes, definitely paid for. My driving instructor had canceled one of my lessons that month, and I thought I was going to have to pay for three lessons. That was fine with me, since there was an extra Friday in March, having one lesson less in February would make up for that. Then when I found out I only had to pay for two in Feb, I thought I might as well book another one to replace the one that had been canceled. So as far as I knew, they were paid for all of Feb, and the next one I had to pay for was today's. Then they rang up this morning and told me I owe them for that lesson. So I'm down another £40.

I don't know whether they lied to me to get me to spend more of if it was a mistake or what, but it is ridiculous. I told the woman that rang that, and she put the manager on. I told her the same thing and she said that I couldn't prove what I had been told and that I owed them the money. So I had to pay. Which means I don't have enough money for this month now.

I said I wasn't happy about it and I was going to think about whether I was going to continue with BSM after this. I think I'm going to go to another company. I told all this to my driving instructor and he said it's not the first time he's heard something like that. So beware, anyone booking driving lessons, don't go with BSM!
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