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I hate me!

Went to see Blade Trinity last night. It was cool. Better than the 2nd one. I just wish they hadn't spent so much time focusing on that girl's Ipod. Product placement! Hate it. Especially since now my dad's going 'Catherine likes her Ipod even more now she's seen it in that film' I mean - what? That makes no sense. If anything, I'm embarrassed!
So, I went with my dad and his friend. My dad decided he would drop me off outside the cinema so I could buy the tickets while he parked the car, since we were running late. I was okay with that, til I remembered that we were meant to be meeting his friend there. Now, I have met his friend lots of times, he goes to the pictures with us all the time. but normally we pick him up and my dad drives him there with us. Not this time though. this time there was a good chance he would be standing inside waiting for us. Not that there's any thing wrong with that! But I was sure that if he was, i wouldn't recognise him. That would mean that I might walk straight past him without even acknowledging his existence (something frowned upon among NTs, I believe!) and buy the tickets. That would be embarrassing, so obviously I didn't want to do it. Now it didn't help that my dad first told me I *would* recognise him (what the hell does he know about it?) and that I should look for people making eye contact with me (I'm not good at eye contact either) I mean, come on!
So I refused, and he yelled. Proper yelled, really loud so I had to cover my ears up, which he probably didn't take too well, since my mum never does.
Anyway, basically, I suck. Marjorly.
I really wish I was normal, at least when is comes to stuff like that. I just don't get how NTs do it though, so many faces, all so similar... Is it any wonder I'm a bit paranoid?

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