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Soooo, I'm not sure how the interview went on Friday. I thought it was okay, I've had worse ones and got the job. But I don't have a lot of interview experience, so I don't know. I got a call from the agency because the other agency I had worked for when I was doing the telesales job, which I had put down as a reference, was having trouble remembering who I was, or something. So they are looking for references. That's good news, surely. But the people said that they wouldn't check references until I had been offered and accepted a job, so that's a bit weird.

I went to the job centre to day to get started on jobseekers. Weirdly, it wasn't full of shirtless morons and teenage mums with seven kids. I must have gotten a good day.

I've got the meeting thing at another agency tomorrow, and my mum says that her friend from Australia says that his son could probably get me a call center job over there, working for Telstra. Which would be cool...
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