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Christmas commentary pt 1 - Bored bored bored

It's Christmas and I'm bored. Really, really, going out of my mind with nothing to do bored.
Problem - no one is around. No one comes online at this time anyway, because in America people are either still in bed or just waking up. A few English people, sure. But not many. Now though, almost no one at all. I wonder if they are all having a fun Christmas or are as bored as me!
I'm not trying to be all Ba Humbug. I like Christmas, really, I do. I just don't think we should be obligated to do the family thing all day. Yes sure, open prezzies, have dinner (tho the overly decorated table seems a bit overkill...) and stuff like that. But it's the in-between bits that get to me. I'm online, and this is the first year I've been able to do that. Everyone else is pretending to be happily helping with making the Christmas dinner. Come on! No one likes cooking! And earlier my sister and dad played Yatzee (however you spell it) it just seems so damn fake. We're not like this!
Maybe I'm just being a misery head, but I can't get into it. What I really want to do is go up to my room and work on a story. But then they'll *know* I'm being a misery head. It's a real dilemma.

Ah, sorry for the ranting ramble. Please ignore it. I expect I'll feel better tomorrow!

247 hours...
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