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Supernatural season finale

Under the LJ cut is a long and rambling ramble about the season finale. You have been warned.

Well I have to say it’s not what I was expecting, not by a long shot. Yes I knew Sam wouldn’t stay dead, and Dean making a deal with a demon was really the only way that could have gone. The only question there was would he go for the crossroad demon or follow exactly in his dad’s footsteps and go for the yellow eyed demon.

One year. Yeah, I so knew that was coming, even before she refused the ten years he requested. It sets up the season 3 finale very nicely, plus it’s such a short amount of time, it’s so cruel. I like it. Correction, I’ll like it as long as they eventually find a way out and Dean doesn’t die. He’s agreed that any attempt to weasel out of the deal means Sam drops dead on the spot though, so doesn’t that mean that it’s risky even to try anything? And I notice Dean neglected to mention that part of the deal when Sam gave him the ‘whatever it takes’ speech at the end there. Not that that would have put him off, I’m sure.

So now the gates to hell have been opened and hundreds of demons have gotten out. That should lead to a couple of interesting stories next season, which is good because the whole ‘what are the demon’s plans for Sam’ thing is over. Talking of that though – lame! The kids fighting it out so the best one wins and leads the army. I’m not impressed with that. I mean, what did the demon mean by “I’ve got plans for you and the other children like you” then? Doesn’t that imply he had plans for all of them, not just the one that was lucky enough to win the fight? And what was the point of the virus in Croatoan, the whole thing where it seemed like the entire point was to make sure Sam was immune to it? It made it seem like that was going to be something big too. I dunno, the whole of part 2 seemed kinda rushed.

Something that’s interesting though, is the idea that the ‘special kids’ have more than one power. They don’t really just have one each like it seemed originally. So it looks like if he gave it a go and practised for a couple of months, Sam could be a super strong, telekinetic who can make people do whatever he wants, send images to people long distance, kill people by touching them and control demons. Eeep. Assuming, that is, that the demon blood he was forced to ingest as a baby will still have any effect now the demon is dead.

Talking of that flashback scene in part one, his mom seemed like she knew who the demon was. She came in the room, looked and him and said “you!” before he killed her. So what was that about? Because that is the thing that has me most intrigued about the whole double episode, the idea that all this stuff was somehow part of the Winchesters’ lives (or maybe even just Mary’s) even before the fire.

It was completely in character for Dean to do what he did, but I still think he’s a total idiot, especially after his whole “what’s dead should stay dead,” speech back in CSPWDT and his rant at the guy who sold his soul for his wife’s life in Crossroad blues about not considering how she would feel if she knew he’d dies to save her, which was obviously connected to his own feelings about the fact that his dad had done exactly the same thing for to him. Even before the demon tried to plant the seeds of doubt in Dean’s mind about whether Sam is the same person now that he used to be, I was wondering it already. Practically the first thing he said when he came back to life and Dean got back was that he wanted to kill Jake. This was even before he knew that Jake had actually killed him. This is the same guy he couldn’t bring himself to kill at the end of the last episode, and all of a sudden he’s all “I swear I’m gone tear that son of a bitch apart.” And then again in the graveyard, he shot the guy seven times. That bloodsplatter on his face was vaguely reminiscent of Dean in Bloodlust though, and it was established that he was acting a little crazy through grief. Maybe it’s sort of the same deal with Sam, who has obviously already worked out what he’s about to lose in exchange for his own life.

So, I’ll stop with the rambling, since no one’s reading but me. But roll on season 3!
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