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I made the stupid mistake last night of staying up until half four. Not doing anything in particular, just reading fanfic and messing around online. As a result, I'm completely exhausted this morning afternoon.

I have finally watched ReGenesis, and I watched it on the TV. Oh yes, the new TV has arrived. Actually it arrived on Wednesday, but this is the first time I've had chance to play with it. I had to steal the lead from my mum's computer to hook my laptop up to it, and play the sound through my speakers because I don't have any way of playing that through the TV yet, but it worked. Which is so freaking awesome! No more having to watch stuff on my little crappy laptop screen that you can't even see from most angles. No more crossing my fingers every time I switch it on in case it's decided the screen doesn't want to work today. Now I just need to get some leads so I can watch stuff while my mum's on the computer, and I'm away.

I just wish the old TV had broken before Supernatural ended!
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