prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,


I'm so getting withdrawal symptoms over Supernatural! I need new episodes! I'm so glad it's on tonight, even if I have already seen it, it might take the edge off a little. But until September I'm going to have to rely on fanfic and the comic, and I wasn't over impressed with the comic since I don't really like John.

So, withdrawal hitting me hard, I started looking to my other favourite program, Atlantis. I mean, I saw the season 3 finale ages ago, it's got to be nearly time for season four, right? Nope. In fact season 3 hasn't even finished showing in the US yet, so fuck knows when 4's gonna start.

Also, my blog looks wrong on my new computer becuause the pictures at the side get obliterated by the writing, and why can't I download msn messenger?
Tags: computer, sga, supernatural
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