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Busses are lame!

I was all pleased about finishing work at nine instead of ten this week. Then it turns out that the bus timetable had changed and instead of being able to get one at 9.20, I have to wait til 9.50. Which defeats the whole point of the finishing early really, since I'll get home around the same time anyway. I got a lift off my dad, so it wasn't that bad, and I guess I'll go on my bike when I finish at 9 from now on. Which means I'll have to buy lights. And a new lock. And I really hope no one steals it while I leave it in the middle of town for nine hours.

Work was so stressful today, five people were off, so there wasn't enough people to answer the calls, so there was this constant queue of calls, meaning no one got a break for hours at a time, you hang up, another call comes through immediately. It's not been like that since we were doing the booking for Vue and Pirates of the Caribbean came out. (Talking of, I wonder how the people that got that contract liked that?)

But, it's all over for today, SO I'm gonna have a beer and write some fanfic (yes, Cate. That one) and then watch Boston Legal when my dad gets home from the pub.

Oh, and I got my way awesome 'I'm blogging this' and caffeine molecule t-shirts today!
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