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I've got another interview at NPower tommorow. Trouble is, if I get the job, it starts next week, and I don't know how that would work with my current job, since I probably have to give them a month's notice. But I guess I'll deal with that problem if I get it, no point worrying about it now, especially not given my track record at getting jobs at NPower!

Went round to freaky_science's house today to inflict on him show him some awesome TV. Watched the first episode of Supernatural, the first two of Regenesis and a couple of season 3 Corner Gas. Then when I got home I watched the new ReGenesis.

I'm glad Carlos doesn't have what the sailors had, becuase they've kinda done the whole main characters get infected by something thing to death now. Besides, those things living in his skin, that was pleanty bad enough, I think!

Bob, oh, he was so happy! And now it's all gonna go wrong, isn't it? And in the 'next week' were his eyes bandaged up again because he'd had the procedure done on the other eye, or becuase something bad happened? I'm going to go with the latter, becuase if the procedure had this weird effect on him, they aren't going to do it again anyway. I don't think.

And I was worried for a while there, when Bob started knowing what people were feeling. It was like, wtf? That's the opposite of someone with Asperger's, and not something he's ever been able to do. I thought they were actually going to bring in that as another one of the cool things he can do, and that would have been so lame. And then when they started thinking it was odd, I thought they were going to say, "Oh, okay. So think is a cure for Asperger's then," or something like that, and that would have been so not cool. But it looks like the procedure has fucked up his brain somehow, and did I hear David in the 'next week' saying something about turning off the virus? And then Bob gets kidnapped? Poor guy's having a hell of a season 3. Oh, and I'm glad he's talking about perfume again, even if if does look like he's become hyper sensitive to smell. Which is weird, because that is a completely different part of the brain, isn't it? Or maybe that one is just Bob being Bob.

Anyway, Heroes is on tonight, and before that I'm gonna get some fanfic written.
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