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Doctor Who

The world and fandom seems to be divided on the latest episode of Doctor Who, some unable to form coherent thoughts without disintegrating into fangirl/boyish squees, and others who seem less than impressed. I'm coming down strongly on the side of the side of the sqeeers.

Watching TV with my mum is a kind of perilous thing to do. She talks loudly. It's not like watching with my nana, who ignores what she's supposed to be watching and chats about anything that pops into her head, but my mum for some reason asks questions about the show. Ones that I don't know the answer to because I've only seen as much as she has. It's very annoying, and it makes me miss parts. So I missed a few valuable seconds during this episode, and being an idiot I didn't tape it, so I'll have to download it and watch it again.

Okay, so the thing with the Master was just cool. I mean, everyone knew he was going to turn up at some point, and as soon as stuff about the doctor started echoing around the professor guy's head, it was obvious it was him, but ti was still so cool. But i want to know why he turned himself into a human. And how come he is still alive, and still has regenerations left, since I thought he had run out.

Jack! Yay! That's really all I need to say about that. He's back and he's all Jack-like, and that's just awesome. So, the doctor left him behind on purpose? Doesn't that seem a little cruel? He knew what had happened to him, and so he just ran away? Since it was indirectly his fault, the least he could have done is take him with him and explain what happened, then drop him off somewhere if he freaked him out so much.

The blue alien woman was really annoying! And the evil, pointy teeth people were kinda lame, and all the other times Jack has died, he's actually died and then come back, so how come if that radiation makes people disintegrate, he didn't disintegrate and then reform or something?

I didn't watch the "next week" so I don't know what happens next, but I SO can't wait.
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