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Note to self: You hate shopping.

Seriously. I have managed to pretty much avoid clothes shopping for the better part of the last five years, and that isn't even an exaggeration. The few things I have bought during that time have been T-shirts, mostly purchased online. And then I go and book a holiday.

I know I didn't have to buy new clothes, and I sure didn't want to part with the cash, the summer clothes I do have were starting to get a bit tatty looking, and have pretty much no dressing up type clothes since on the rare occasions I do go out, it's to Spiders. So I went and got some last sunday. but I needed more (not in a "Now I'm addicted to shopping" type way, just I didn't have enough) so I went in town again. it was hell. But now I thing I have enough clothes to last me the next half decade, so it's all good I guess.

I went in town mostly for glasses. Mine have somehow got all scratched up, so i went and got an eye test the other day at Boots, looked around there, but all their frames cost hundreds of pounds. So I went to Specsavers the other day. Unfortunately, my ridiculously bad eyesight required ridiculously thick glasses, even when I get the super thin glass, so the optician actually told me to go for plastic frames because they will hide the intense thickness. I didn't like most of the plastic frames though, so I asked about one of the metal ones I liked, and the guy was all "Nooooo! Really bad idea!" Which kinda put me off. I found some I liked in the end though, so it's okay I guess. Except for that the extremeness of my prescription means they have to send away for the glass, which might take up to three weeks. So it looks like i'm taking my scratched glasses on holiday with me. Which is probably for the best, I suppose, wouldn't want to damage the new ones.

The Supernatural episode tonight is What is and What Should Never Be, which is so awesome! I can't wait to watch it again!
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