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Regenesis 313

Oh no! Please don't tell me they're leaving it like that. Last year with the explosion, and now Some crazy nutter is cutting into Bob's brain and Bob just let him do it!?

Alright, that whole Bob story seemed to have potential to be awesome last week, but they've kinda made it a bit silly with the "He's evolving into a higher state of being" or whatever they said. I like my Bob cute and a little angsty, please, not having mental breakdowns because he is picking up other people's pheromones. And by the way, he's a little naive, but he's not stupid, there is no way he would go with that guy without letting David know what was going on, and I can't imaging him letting him cut his head open. That really pissed me off. But then I thought, if he is picking up pheromones, maybe the guy soaked himself in something that sends out "I'm trustworthy" smells or something. Still, it's kinda stupid. And they are cutting into Bob's head! And then it went off! And is there even going to be a season 4? Because if not, Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!
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