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General stuff...

A Dog's Breakfast comes out to buy in September! How cool it that?! I can't decide whether to pre-order it now, or wait and see if it's going to be coming out in region 2 anytime soon first. But it probably won't be, so I guess I'll just pre-order it.

Talking of A Dog's Breakfast, check out this link for David Hewlett introducing the movie at Glastonbury. Sort of.

I spent most of yesterday making cakes. The one I made for my dad's friend is pretty huge, so I hope there are a lot of people going to his party! My mum's is more normal sized and not yet decorated because I didn't have time. I guess I'll do that later today.

I start my new job on Tuesday, which is kinda exciting but I'm really nervous. I got my hair cut and re-dyed so I look less of a wreck, and I got my new glasses on Friday, which are sort of black with plastic frames (think 10th Doctor, but that wasn't the intention, I promise!) so that, combined with my nearly black hair makes me look really emo at the moment!

Anyway, today is my mum's birthday, and I have a cake to decorate and a present to wrap, so I'd better get on with that.
Tags: baking, david hewlett, work
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