prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I've spent the last two days enjoying the sunshine and making cookies! I got a bit burned on Monday, so I've been more careful, but I've been sitting around outside, reading a book and enjoying not being cold and miserable for a change.

My dad requested cookies, so I made some chocolate ones yesterday, but I left them in the oven a bit too long, they didn't burn, but they didn't stay nice and soft in the middle after they were cool. I made some cherry ones today and they did. So yay! And my sister says mine are her favourite type of cookies, which is cool.

I went out tonight with my friend Emma to a battle of the bands because she is friends with someone in one of the bands. They were really good. The other band were ok too though.

The weather report says it's going to rain tomorrow. I hope it doesn't, I want to sit in the sun some more, and the puddle of sewage in the tenfoot is almost gone, rain will make it expand again.
Tags: baking, flood, real life
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