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Blah, job hunt

Well, looking for a job is every bit as much fun as I remember. I've been busy today though, I've applied for five jobs and registered with a couple of agencies. Doesn't sound like I've been doing that much, but when you consider how hard it is to find an okay looking job in Hull, finding 5 to apply for in one day is (I think) pretty impressive. Then, I am maybe a bit fussy about what I won't do, I want a job that I don't hate this time.

I had an interview at Wescot on Friday, I didn't get it. Apparently I failed both the interview (they didn't think I seemed interested enough in the job) and the personality test. WTF? I failed the personality test? Nice. I wonder what's wrong with my personality?

Anyway, I think I've done well today, so I rewarded myself by ordering the first season of Slings and Arrows on DVD!
Tags: job hunt, slings & arrows, wtf?
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