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Treed Murray

I got Treed Murray! Yeah, okay. I know technically it's called Get Down here, but I hate that title. It makes it sound like one of those 'comedies' set in an American high school. Something called 'Treed Murray' could be about anything.
I was sorely tempted to buy it from Canada just to get it with the real title, but I saw it in Virgin and I decided that I couldn't be bothered waiting weeks to get it when i could just buy it there and then. So I have a copy called Get Down. But I refuse to call it that. Refuse! And you can't make me!
Gonna watch it tonight, anyway. I think I'll watch it on my own, if I tell anyone I bought it, I'll get mocked by my evil family.

75 hours, 20 mins to Hot Zone...
Tags: david hewlett, movies
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