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Trapped in my room...

Not literally, of course. That would suck. My sister and her boyfriend are visiting for the weekend, unfortunately, their visit coincided with my mum and dad going to Holland, so while they're wondering around Den Haag, they're not here to be all disapproving of Jennie's behaviour. Which means that they stayed in bed til 12, which is fine, except for that they are sleeping in the living room so I didn't want to go downstairs and wake them up. When they finally did get up they left the curtains shut, kept the sofa-bed in bed form and are currently lying on it watching Labyrinth. MY copy of Labyrinth, incidentally, and on my DVD player. And even if there was any room in there for me to sit, it seems too much like it's their bedroom at the moment so I couldn't anyway. So I'm stuck in my room.

At lest they're going home tonight. I mean, it's nice to see the once in a while, but right now they're just being rude. Aren't they? Or maybe it's me being too much like me. Probably is, thinking about it. But I'm still annoyed. It was the same last night, they got back from the pub around 11, and I was watching Corner Gas, the episode went off and the next one came on. and Jennie went "Oh. Are you watching ANOTHER one?" Well, I was going too, but that was really a "Get the hell out of our room," which seems a little unfair since they only watched something else after I'd gone. So I went online upstairs, nowt else to do.

Oh well.
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