prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I'm sure Smartpunk used to charge a fortune for international shipping, like when I ordered Always Moving Never Stopping by The City Drive, the CD was around $10 and they charged me another $17 for shipping. Now it's gone down to something more normal. Cool.

I'm shopping online (at Smartpunk, which is why I noticed) but the card I got with my HSBC account is a Maestro, which isn't listed as a card type on American sites, probably on Canadian ones too. Which sucks. So I'll have to keep my Co-op (Visa) one for stuff like that. I was going to keep it anyway, but I sort of envisioned just leaving it there dormant, but I can't not shop on my favourite sites, can I? Well, I could be really grown up and get a credit card, I suppose...
Tags: city drive, music
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