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Well, I'm still ill. I went to work yesterday, but I could barely talk (not good when you're working on the counter!) And when I turned up today, the manager practically told me to go home. Apparently she'd rather have me recoup today and be well for the end of the week when other people have holidays and it'll probably be busy than have me make myself more ill and not be in later. I'd rather that too, since it's my birthday on Friday and I'd rather not be ill for it.

So, I've got a cold, a really unpleasant sounding cough, and I've still lost my voice, plus I'm completely exhausted and can barely keep awake. Sigh. I'm meant to ring work later and let them know if I think I'll be in tomorrow, I hope I will be, but I'm not sure. I should be using the spare time to write, but I seem to lack the energy required to be creative. This sucks, I'm never ill, not with colds and stuff. I've not had one like this for years, I really don't need this a few months into a new job.
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