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just rambling on again...

Well, I seem to be over the cold from Hell. Which is good. My birthday was pretty cool. My mum and dad got me the first season of Heroes. My mum's never seen it, so I made her watch a few episodes and now she's hooked. Hee! I love getting people addicted to my shows!

I'm finally writing again, having written nothing the whole time I was on holiday, and then nothing again when I got back because I was too busy lounging around being ill. So I've spent all my free time the last couple of days watching Heroes and writing fanfic. Yeah, I know, not exactly what most people would call productive.

My sister's coming home on Friday, then I think on Sunday we're all going down to my nana's for the day. It's a 4 hour drive away though, so it's not exactly the ideal distance for a daytrip. Especially when (unlike everyone else) I have work the next day.

Talking of work, on Monday we're allowed to not wear the uniform. We've been told to be smart/casual, and jeans are okay. I've got no idea what to wear though, I pretty much have work clothes and casual/casual. I don't know what counts as smart. Does a t-shirt have to be plain, or can I wear my "I'm blogging this" one, or the "Come to the dark side, we have cookies" one I got for my birthday? And can I wear my trainers, or should I stick to shoes? It's sometimes cold at work, is my stripy emo-ish hoodie smart enough, or should I take one of my old cardies that mostly don't fit me and kinda look a mess, but at least are plain black? So this is supposed to be fun, and I'm obsessing about it and getting all stressed instead. Typical.
Tags: real life, work
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