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Earthquake? In Hull?

So, I had just got into bed, turned off the light and was about to go to sleep, when the door or my cupboard started rattling. Like really rattling, not like when a lorry goes past. My room is in the loft and it's kind of unstable, someone slams a door downstairs and the floor shakes a bit. But it's banging, like there's someone in there doing it.

By this point, I'm kinda scared, cus, well, there's someone in my cupboard. They waited til I took my glasses off and turned the light off, there's no way I'm gonna get away!

But then the whole room joins in, the bed is shaking, the whole room is joining in. This is so weird.

So then I got a load of texts about it. People felt it all over the country. How awesome is that?
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