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My interview sucked!

I was tempted to leave the entry at that, but I might as well elaborate. So, it was all questions about previous jobs that I haven't had. Describe a time I had to deal with an awkward customer, describe a time I had to deal with an awkward fellow member of staff, tell them about a difficult decision I had to make at work. I told them I couldn't really answer these kinds of questions, but they asked them anyway. They had to, I think. So I lied, made stuff up.

Then there was the 5 times they asked whether I was looking for a career or a way of getting a bit of cash. Again I lied. At this point, I should make it clear that I am a bad liar. In drama at school, I sucked at improv. I'm sure they saw right through me. But to be honest, I don’t care if they did. The job sounded decent when I thought it had normal hours. Even though it does involve a lot of standing up and walking around, which could be a problem. But then they were talking about starting the day at 6am. That would mean getting up about half past 4, which is before I'm usually in bed most nights. Not only that, but there are no busses at that time, so I'd have to bike in or get a lift, and it would be a bit bad asking for a lift at that time. And think about it, 6am every weekend. How much would that suck?

For doing this, I'd get £5.15 an hour, which isn't bad, I know. But on the other hand, it's only 14 hours a week, which means £72.10 a week. That's an extra £27.60 more than I get on jobseekers. Not bad, really. More than I thought it would be. Still, my natural laziness makes me really really hope I don't get offered that job. And I'm scared that if I do get it, I'll end up working at B&Q my whole life! They seem to encourage that kind of thing, from what they said...

138 hours, 40 minutes til Before I Sleep...
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