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Wasted day :-D

I have so wasted today. I got up at gone twelve, had something to eat, went online, watched ER with Jennie, went online some more, made the tea (we're having chilli :-D) and watched Farscape. I'm getting back into that since I watched part 1 of the Peacekeeper Wars on Sunday. I'd forgotten how good it is. Now, I'm on the message boards again, planning to spend the evening watching telly. I need to get a life...

100 hours to Before I Sleep...
(but I already saw it :-D)

903 hours, 50 mins till the first Stargate DVD comes out... (Well, to 9am that day)
905 hours (aprox) till I get the first Stargate DVD...
Tags: farscape, real life, sga
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