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Impulse buying

So, guess what I bought today. Season 6 of Stargate SG1. No, not just the first disk, that I'd been trying to justify spending £20 on for the past however long. The whole thing, the box set. No, before you go assuming I spent £60, it was cheap. Sliverscreen were selling them for £30 each, season 1-6 (random fact - it had just occurred to me that I have taken to writing 'season' instead of 'series'. I didn't even notice till now. Weird) and I was very (very, very, very) tempted to get the lot. But I suppose spending £180 on DVDs in one day is a bit overkill. Would have been so cool though! But no, I just got the one. *Series* 6 is the one I didn't see. I was in Austria when it aired on Sky, and I never got into watching them on C4. (Mostly because I forget, I mean, whose stupid idea was it to put them on in the middle of a Sunday afternoon?) So, here is my justification for buying it. I personally don't think I need to justify it, but my sister seemed somewhat appalled at my spending (and I didn't even mention the £20 worth of comics I also bought!) so, on the off chance that she reads this, because I can't be bothered actually saying it, Jennie, here is my justification:

1) Like I said, I haven't seen it. People keep mentioning things that happened in random episodes of SG1, and some of them happened during season 6. I want to know what I missed.
2) It was cheap. I was after all thinking of buying one disk for £20. For an extra tenner I got the whole season (series...)
3) McKay is in the first episodes. McKay rules, David Hewlett rules, and mad as it sounds, it annoys me that I haven't seen him in this.
4) Why the smeg is it any of your business anyway? My money, my decision. :p

So, that's my week's viewing worked out!

News from my other fandom - Teachers had been Cancelled. I got 2 e-mails about it from different people. Sad, I guess. But after seeing the last series, I can't blame them. I will have to mention it on the site. I really should update. It's been over a month since I have. I hate people that don't update when there is stuff to say..!

140 1/2 hours to The Brotherhood...
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