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Well, I'm back.

It was amazing!

I was going to post this whole long ramble about just how amazing it was, but I don't know what to say. I was laughing so hard my face ached all the way through it. our seats where on the second level up (there are three layers of seats) and we had a fairly awesome view. Not as awesome as the lucky people on the front row though, I am so jealous of them!

I'm going to ramble a bit now, so
The tickets said doors open at 7.30. Luckily, I was pre-warned about it starting fairly quickly, so we got there in plenty of time, unlike a friend of mine from work, who went on Monday, he broke down on the motorway on the way, got in around then past eight and assumed he'd missed about ten minutes. I don't know whether I should tell him he missed over half an hour, he might be gutted.

The first half was all about various characters getting a turn to go on stage one at a time and do a bit, punctuated by Howard and Vince introducing them and being generally hilarious. Naboo and Bollo were great (of course), Naboo came on doing a parody of a rap song, shouting about pussy, then Vince and Howard rushed on to stop him. The Noel said something like, "what are you doing other than dressing like our dad in the seventies?"

Tony Harrison's turn was memorable to, Bollo comes on to wheel away Noel stuffed inside an armchair with his head sticking through the seat, and Noel/Tony has a go at him for being late, then Bollo says something like "Are you having a difficult time, uncomfortable costume, is it?" All unsympathetic-like.

At the start Howard said that the second half of the show would be him putting on a very serious play, and doesn't get why everyone laughs at that. It turns out that that is what it is too, although Vince hijacks it with a story written by him and Leroy in which he plays a gold winged alien from the planet Camden who lands into Howard's post-apocalyptic world, and takes over, leaving Howard to play a mutant, who Vince zaps into tight silver hotpants(!) and some kind of corset thing. I can't explain it properly, but if you've seen the show (and if you haven't, what are you doing reading spoilers?) you know what I'm on about anyway, and it's very very funny.

One thing I as a bit disappointed by was the lack of Naboo and Bollo though, I mean Mike and Dave were there, doing other stuff, but Naboo and Bollo weren't in it that much. And Howard and Vince. Actually being Howard and Vince, I mean. Because yeah Tony Harrison and the Crack Fox and the Hitcher are great, and Howard's play was hilarious, but the bits just with Julian and Noel on stage being Howard and Vince, or being themselves "accidentally" dropping out of character were my favourites.

And the Honey Monster stuff! They decapitated the Honey Monster! How awesome was that!? Serves him right, the crimp-stealing git.

All the songs were great, of course, and so was everything else.
Maybe when I've had time to recover, I'll be able to post something more coherent.

It also amused me a lot that they were playing jazz in the interval.

I want to go and see it again.
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