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Greetings from. My place of employment. Yes, now I can access the Internet with my phone, you'll probably have to suffer millions of random updates from various places until I get used to it! Sorry about that, but I can't help myself! So here I am on my lunch break at work. It's a bit of a busy day, so the break is very appreciated. Being the first of December, we've put up the Christmas tree, I decorated it, and I think it looks pretty awesome, despite one of my colleagues putting it down. She says it's tacky and she's surprised we don't have a professional do it, but that I've done the best I could with the materials available. Humph. Looks as good as our tree at home usually does, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Luckily, I think she's (mostly) joking, so I'll let her off! Plus, to be fair, she's not exactly wrong! But hey, I had fun and I reckon it looks alright.

It's ridiculously cold today, and for some reason the radiator in the break room isn't working, so it's freezing in here. I'm huddled over a little electric heater, shivering! Anyway, not long left on my break now, so I reckon I'll check my e-mail and read some fanfic (cus I I can) and then get back to work.
Tags: christmas, real life, yay
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