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Hi from Graz

Crazy trip here. We hit really bad traffic on the way to the airport. I thought for a while that we weren't going to make it there in time for check in. The traffic dissapated eventually though, and we got to the car park with about 40 mins til check on closed. Pleanty of time, right? ngone with any sense will have got there earlier and there shouldn't be a queue for that flight. Wrong. Ryanair have instigated a new method of checking in. You have to check in at a machine and then go to a bag drop to check in your bags. But there you have everyone from every Ryanair flights all queuing up at the same few desks to drop their bags. So we were waiting behing the sensible people who had arived early for a flight that didn't leave for hours. After 20 minutes without moving more than a few inches forward, we asked a member of staff, saying that the gate for out flight closed in less than half an hour. They moved us to the front, thank god, or we'd probably still have been waiting there now.

We then went to security, where there was another massive queue, we waited there around 10 more of our precious 30 mins. When we finally got through, my mums bag beeped. We then had to wait another 10 mins until someone got around to checking it. The checking took ages, according to the ticket, the gate would be closed by now. The securite guy assured us we had until 10 mins before the flight left to get on, swabbed the bag and told us we'd be fine. The swab picked something up. So, according to the security guy, there may havebeen something in the bag that might have been used to make homemade explosives. WTF? It later occured to me that homemade explosives can be made from the most innocent of substances, so it was unlikely to be anything awful. Whateverit was, it was on my mums phone. So so had to answer a. Inch of questions . Had she lent it to anyone? Sent it away for repair? The guy filled out a form, then sent us on our way, promising to radio the desk to ask them to wait. Yes, by that time we were that late. We ran. It's not closeby, Ryanairs area of the airport, it was exhausting, that run. And when we got to the gate, there was nothing there. No members of staff, no passengers, no plane. Panicking now, we were told by someone that everyone had moved two gates gown. We ran some more. Finally making it on board. The security guy, true to his word had radioed through and they were waiting for us. Phew!

Then, to add insult to injury the plane was delayed nearly an hour because of a baggage mix up, caused, no doubt, by the ridiculous situation at check in. Thank you very much Ryanair.

Still, we arived I. Onepeice, and the hotel is very nice. Plus it's wifi network allows me to blog from my room on my phone. Which explains and typos, by the way. So yeah, it's all good now, we're having a good time, I'm sure I'll write something more about it later. Probably with photos. You have been warned!
Tags: aaagh!, holiday
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