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Seriously, how awesome is Sanctuary?

To say it was called Revelations, there wasn't a whole lot revealed, was there. Except for the fact that Dr. Watson is Methos Peter Wingfield. But I already knew that. Maybe all the revalations are going to come next week. Or maybe it's just a misleading title. Whatever, it was still a seriously awesome episode.

I just have to say, I adore he character of Henry Foss, he is just so funny. Y'know, when he's not standing around with his arms folded looking worried. Then he's not so funny, but still awesome. And I'm loving the Henry and Ashley banter. They do have a kind of brother sister relationship, which does make sense if Henry was brought to the sanctuary when he was quite young and he doesn't seem to be that much older than Ashley. That scene when they were breaking onto the Cabal place was seriously adorkable, with his gadgets and Ashley teasing him.

Also, Will's slowly growing on me. I still wonder if he's an abnormal though. I even now wonder if he's somehow related to Watson. Actually, that's just a random thought that popped into my head while I was writing the previous sentence. But there is the fact that the abilities of the five are passed on to their children, which is why the girl has her grandfather's invisibility powers (Btw, does that mean Ashley will be able to teleport? And live for ages? And, y'know, go mad and murder people or whatever?), and there was something made of Watson's powers of observation, as though they are related to the powers he got from injecting the source blood, but yet Will seems to be able to rival him at that. And Watson did seem very interested in Will.

Aaaagh! Poor Bigfoot. I really hope he's okay, he's awesome too. And when Henry was looking at him, looking all worried (again) and Helen came up and kinda bumped into him, but in a supportive "how's it going, I'm there for you," kinda way, if that makes sense. That was really nice. If Ashley's like his sister, I guess that makes Helen a mother figure for him, which we've seen before in Edward, when they talk in the library, but I do like the occasional reminder. You can see how these people are so much more than colleagues, which is how the Cabal woman described them.

Does Druitt as not insane worry anyone else slightly? I get the feeling he's going to snap at some point. Incidentally, that scene with him, Watson and Will all having a glass of whiskey while he and Watson talk about when he was Jack the Ripper and Watson was trying to track the murderer, not knowing that the guy he was talking to about it was they guy he was after. Hehe. Also, then he went and said that maybe Will would have realized. Really? Without superpowers? Or is he an abnormal, and does everyone know about it but him. That's be great, actually. I'd love that. Maybe it should be revealed by Will getting this illness, but then being cured (in the same way they cure Bigfoot, because they have to cure Bigfoot, and then being like "Hang on a minute, how come I..." and then the penny drops. But I doubt that's going to happen. Still, it'd be cool though.

So, in summary, this episode was awesome, Henry was awesome, Watson was awesome (though I want to know more about that stuff he wears. If he didn't get the non-aging powers, he/someone must have designed it for him a very long time ago) Helen was awesome, Ashley - awesome. Druitt, well, you know where I'm going with this, don't you.

Now, roll on next week. Please! Because what the hell are the Cabal about to do to Henry (well, I have an idea thanks to spoilers on, but why?) and Ashley? And will Bigfoot be okay, because I'll be very unhappy if not.

Revelations? If anything this episode had raised more questions than it answered.

Is it not next Monday yet?
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