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Oh my god, Traders rules!!

I got the DVDs a few days ago. The series one box set. 13 episodes, 11 of which have David Hewlett in them. Now obviously I'm going to say I love it, it's got David Hewlett in it, so my judgement is kinda clouded. But I'm fairly sure I'm right that it rules. David Hewlett's character, Grant Jansky, is a fairly minor character compared to the rest, but he is probably the best one. I wasn't actually bored when I was watching the scenes without him, the other characters are all quite interesting too (just not David, you know?), but I was definitely waiting for his next scene.

There are eleven names on the credits as it comes on, David is the 9th. That kind of implies he would be in it a lot less than he actually is. For a supporting character, he sure acts like one of the stars. Probably it's because the character is so noticeable. While everyone else is wearing a suit, and trying to get as rich as possible, he dressed scruffy, is hiding away in his office (a supply cupboard with a few computers) eating chocolate, typing away on the computer and making a load of money for the firm. whether he makes any money for himself, I'm actually not sure. I assume he must though, because the 50lbs of chocolate he gets every week wouldn't exactly be any good for buying things.

I have fallen in love with the character. Head over heels in love. Which is bizarre, because until now I have found it impossible to find even the best looking man attractive when he has a beard. In this case, I actually quite like the beard. How strange. Anyway, Grant Jansky = excellent. The only complaint I would have with the series (other than the fact that David Hewlett isn't in every scene!) is that they are apparently not releasing the other series on DVD. Which means I have no chance of watching it. Which meant I am depressed. I've got myself hooked on it, and now my supply has been cut off. I'll have to just keep re-watching the 1st series, I suppose.
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