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Revelations pt 2

Best episode ever.

It's going to take me a few more viewings or at least a bit of a break to digest before I can post anything meaningful, but for now here are some random bursts of squee.

Sorry, but the tests were a bit annoying, I mean, how long would it take to set up all that stuff? Magnus's father must have spent years and a fortune on it. Why? I mean, yeah, the blood's probably dangerous and he figured he needed to keep it hidden away, but some of those things were downright silly. Clever, yeah, but silly.

Oh noes! Watson! But I liked you! I can't believe they just went and killed him like that. Still, at least random speculation in some of the comms was wrong and he hadn't gone evil. I just loved the interaction between him and Will. I guess the fact that they were so similar meant they didn't need two of them. Will so much has the same ability as him, whether he's abnormal or not.

I also loved the interaction between Watson and Druitt. Watson's need to know why Druitt did what he did, the betrayal of the fact that, in control or not, he did do it. Druitt's apparent remorse. Oh, I really want to see more of the history between those two.

Nikola! I'm so glad he's not dead. When I was watching,I fast forwarded the adverts, went a bit far, saw him and "Oh!" then just pointed at the screen grinning. I think my dad thought I'd gone nuts.

Hahahaha at Will getting naked, and then again at everyone's reaction when he and invisible girl came running out of the collapsing room all undressed. Helen's reaction especially. I can see why people ship those two. Not to my taste, but I totally get it. And later on the roof with invisible girl, "Thank you for taking off your pants."
"You don't ever have to thank me for that." Haha, wtf?

Okay, someone needs to kill off the Cabal. Can we design a bio weapon that just kills them?

Henry! "I'm not ashamed of who I am!" Oh yeah! Glad to hear it. Although angsty!Henry was fun, and I'd really like to see him again sometime. I'm sure we will too. And that "Awesome!" when he managed to get that door open had me grinning my head off. Wow, he's strong when he wants to be.

I knew it was too easy for Ashley and Henry to escape when she woke up and it was Henry pushing her out, but yet for a minute or two I allowed myself to believe that they would get out of there with everything they needed. Though, didn't Henry, when he 'found' her lying around unconcious, think "Hang on a minute, isn't this a bit strange?" Though, maybe he decided to worry about that later.

Ashley can teleport! Well, makes sense, I guess, but it is still seriously awesome. Shame she's gone all evil now, but we've seen the Cabal do the mind control thing before, they'll sort her out.

Hang on a minute, so the whole thing they were doing with Ashley and Henry was just for, what? Ashley they could have just kept drugged until they finished messing with her head, since all they did with her when she was conscious was have a bit of a chat and demonstrate their cool electrified flooring. Henry, was there any need to make him believe they intended to make him change and then kill him? (Actually, maybe there was. Whatever they were giving him might have made him wolf out enough to get strong enough to open that door and believe that it wasn't too easy.) Also, they said his drugs would be out of his system by now, yet despite everything they were putting him through, he still managed not to change. So maybe he doesn't need them as much as he thinks he does.

I wish we'd seen a little of the big guy. Just enough to let us know that he's still alive. I'm sure he will be, but I'd just like some reassurances.

Ack. Cliffhangers. Even when I know they're coming, I still resent them. How long is it going to be until the next season?!

I'm sure I've forgotten loads of stuff, I have no doubt I'll write more later.
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