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Random stuff

Went to the job centre today. The woman said she reckons I'm lacking confidence. I've got to go to a meeting with someone about my jobseekers allowance next week, and she's recommending to that person that I be referred to some women’s centre thing where they can give me confidence training. Dunno what to make of that really. I guess I am lacking confidence, but I didn't know it was *that* obvious. Ah well, I enjoy the attention. And who knows, maybe it'll even help me get a job. Not that I *want* one or anything. But I probably should have one.

Mob's birthday today. I made him a cake. Chocolate with marzipan on top and a few things drawn on with icing pens. A bottle of drink and two glasses. My dad did those, though with hindsight I wish I had. He's way more artistic than me, but when it comes to drawing with icing pens, he sucks! Next time I'll get him to draw on paper and I'll copy it onto the cake.
We're off to eat out later. At some pub, I think. I hope they do veggie stuff, because I am *so* not in the mood for salad!
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