prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Being Human etc

Three seperate people have encouraged me to watch Being Human on Sunday night. Well, I so intend to watch it, but the BBC intelligently decided to put it on against both brand new Lost and brand new Supernatural. Now, since Sky+ can only tape two things at a time, guess which two won. Being Human is however repeated on Monday, so I'll be watching it then instead.

It's been an okay day, this morning I was seized by the completely irrational urge to watch Traders, so I did. This after ion we did a trial run to Withernsea to see how long it takes. We took Milly too, since she loves the seaside as much as I do. Then this evening we watched The Dark Knight and drank a bit too much Glühwein. Which was awesome. Right now I'm watching some other film which is kinda rubbish. Tommorow I'm going to see Slumdog Millionaire, and then watch Supernatural. I might also make biscotti, but I might not, it depends on whether I'll be bothered. Maybe I'll make brownies instead... Or maybe I'll just sit around and watch more Traders.
Tags: being human, movies, supernatural, traders
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