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I've just watched the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. It was really good. I mean, the whole series has been consistantly awesome, but that was a very good ending. It's the kind of ending you really want for a series, one that ties everything together, makes everything make sense and just leaves you sitting there thinking "wow". You honestly couldn't ask for more.

I've had a great day today. I had a day off. I had a dentist appintment in the morning, but the afternoon I met up with freaky_science for lunch and then just sat around in town enjoying the sunshine. Oh, and got the Battlestar Galactica season 1-4 box set from HMV. It was only £35. Right now I'm watching Skins. Jen has watched all the shows I watch with her with Matt instead so I have to watch them by myself while she's in the pub. Matt's going home soon so I guess they have to get everything watched. I'm also behind on Heroes. Apparently the two I've not seen yet are awesome, so I'll try to catch up on them tomorrow. I also need the rewatch season 2 of Dexter before season 3 starts at the end of the month.

My season 2 of Psych still hasn't arrived. I don't know if I should e-mail Amazon now or wait till the 7th when it delivery estimate will have expired. It's so annoying, I wish the DVD had just arrived. Hopefully will be the same as and send me a replacement. Hopefully.
Tags: bsg, psych
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