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Loved it just as much the second time

So, I went to see Star Trek again tonight...

I'm not going to go in great detain into the plot, what would be the point. It's a great story, it's not a prequel, it's not a re-imagining, it's a do-over. It's also, if you ook at it from the right direction and squint slightly, a sequel. A Romulan from the future blames Spock for the destruction of his planet. Slightly unfair since Spock's only crime was not to get there quickly enough, but still. The quantum singularity that Spock created to avert a disaster sends both himself and the Romulan ship back in time, where the Romulan captain wreaks havoc on the timeline. The result of this is a significant re-writing of Trek history, the creation of an alternate reality in which our crew will now exist, and the ability of the writers to do pretty much anything they want without having to worry about continuity and an army of angry Trekkies moaning about something not being quite right. Awesome, yes?

Well, I think it is. Now, probably most people going to see it will have been reading spoilers and have some idea of what is coming, but I had no idea that this was the plan, so certain events were somewhat mind blowing.

Nero (the Romulan) as an evil scheme to get revenge of Spock for the destruction of Romulus by forcing him to witness the destruction of Vulcan. To this end, he waits around for twenty five years until he pops out into the past, captures his ship and maroons him of a planet with a view of Vulcan in the sky. Leaving him unable to do anything but watch as his entire world collapses in on itself and blinks out of existence. Nice. Well, not so nice, kinda evil really, but very wow.

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Zachary Quinto's version of Spock learns minutes before Vulcan is destroyed, what is about to happen. He rushes down to the planet (by the way, I LOVE the transporter effect!) and tries to rescue his parents along with a group of Vulcan elders. He gets most of them out, but as they transport out, the cliff they are standing on collapses and his mother falls to her death, the Enterprise unable to get a lock on her signal as she falls.

That was when I first really realised what they were doing to the timeline, when Checkov didn't press a few buttons and after a few moments of suspense, manage to get her back. Instead, Spock stands on the transporter pad in obvious distress as he looks at the place where she would have been standing.

That's one of the things I love about this movie. I know a lot of people have been moaning about them making Spock too emotional and blah blah blah, but those glimmers of emotion have been there right since the original series, and I have always loved them, plus I'm a sucker for a bit of angst, so yay for that. Of course, there's a bit of angst, and then there's your homeworld being destroyed and your mother killed within a few seconds of each other. Of course Spock's going to be a bit messed up, I'd be disappointed if he wasn't.

Anyway, I've just gone and spilled half the story. That wasn't my intention, honest.

So, what I loved about the movie was... almost everything, actually. I am so much in awe of Zachary Quinto, he was 100% the best choice to play Spock, he looks right and he plays it spot on. He's better than I even imagined he would be. Right from his first scene, perfect. Not that everyone else wasn't, of course, they were all good. I was seriously dubious about the casting of Simon Pegg as Scotty but that worked too.

I really like the idea of the new timeline, not only because it allows for a chance to write the past without getting things wrong, but also because I can't stop thinking how things will have gone differently now. Vulcan is was a hugely important world, without it so many of the things we've seen wont have happened, or will have happened differently.

I am so happy that Leonard Nimoy was in it. I knew he was going to be, but I thought it was going to be a cameo or something, but this is a real, and very important role. The story wouldn't have happened without his Spock.

I've already mentioned the transporter effect, but I feel the need to mention it again. It's different to what we've seen before and it just looks so cool.

We see Kirk beat the Kobiyashi Maru simulation, and it was great!

The way near the beginning, Spock tells the Vulcan Science Academy guys to "Live long and prosper," and delivers the line like he's telling them to drop dead. Ha! Oh, and near to the end when Kirk offers to help the Romulans, telling Spock it's logical and he thought he's like that. Spock's reply, "Not really, no. Not this time," just cracked me up. And where says to McCoy "If you think crew morale would be better served by my wandering the corridors weeping, I'll be happy to defer to your medical judgement," or something like that anyway. Sounds like classic Spock-McCoy banter. (All my favourite bits are about Spock. I think I may have inadvertently developed a but of a crush on Zachary Quinto.)

Oh, the uniforms were great! Original series, but slightly better. And the ship looked really good (again, I don't care what other people think).

I was less impressed though, with the Spock/Uhura thing. I mean, I never saw much hint of that in the original series, but it seems to have been going on since Uhura was a cadet, before either of them had their lives affected by the changes in the timeline. Maybe she stepped things up bit when she followed him into the lift, it could make sense that way. Anyway, it wasn't that bad, just a bit pointless. Though it was worth it to see Kirk's expression when he sees them in the transporter room.

Anyway, there are a million other things I could say, but I'm so tired my eyes are starting to close on their own, so I should get some sleep. Maybe in the morning when my brain's functioning again, I'll ramble on some more.

I need to make an icon...
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