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They're baaaack!

The grups and Jennie returned. And guess what the first thing my mum did was (after taking off her shoes and coat, and stuff like that), she moaned at me for not clearing my plate away after my tea. It was sitting next to the sink with some bean sauce in it. She said it was "disgusting". I decided not to mention the T-shirt just yet. She will probably notice it for herself soon enough anyway.

Ordered series 1 of Due South. I've been meaning to get them for a while, and whole I've got a bit of money (in case the job centre decides to stop paying me after this interview on Wednesday or something) I thought I'd go for it. It's only £30ish (CDN$ 67.44). I'll get the other ones soon too. I think maybe I'm buying to many DVDs at the moment. Not that I'm going to stop or anything. Not unless I need to!
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