prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Being Erica is back. How awesome is that? There I was randomly browsing the TV listings and I notice that Being Erica has just started on E4. Good news for UK people who haven't sen it yet. So then I google the series hoping for information on a second season, and find out that it has just started airing. So I'm 35% of the way to watching it. Win.

Shame I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. But maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. Or tonight.

So talking of new series, everything has started again. And I've seen hardly any of it. Big Bang Theory I have seen though. And it was awesome. Not gotten around yet to How I Met Your Mother season 5, and I'm considering waiting for Supernatural and Dexter until they're on TV here. Stargate Universe and possibly Sanctuary (I heard a rumour) are coming very soon, and I just watched Flash Forward, which has John Cho in it, and so automatically earns awesome points.

Anyway, need sleep, so I guess I'll watch Erica tomorrow.

And HIMYM...
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