prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I have succesfully ripped a DVD to my computer in .avi format, converted to to something iTunes will recognise and put it on my phone. Which is awesome because now I have something to keep me occupied for weeks. I need more memory on my phone so I can fit everything on! But anyway, I chose to experiment using Dr. Horrible since I'm lending it to someone tomorrow and I may get withdrawal symptoms if I can't watch it when I want. So yay, I now have a copy on my phone and two on my computer. Damn iTunes not recognising my format of choice. But meh, all good.

Right, work tomorrow, so bed would, I imagine, be in my best interests. Tomorrow I'm going to make a new animated icon using one of my newly ripped DVD files. On my dinner break, that is, not while I'm actually working.
Tags: doctor horrible, iphone
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