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So if the first two episodes are anything to go by, season four of Heroes is going to be good. Of course, season 2 started out okay too...
I hadn't even realised it had started again, though it makes sense since everything else has. TBag from Prison Break is it though, and I keep getting confused since even though he looks different and has a different accent, his voice sounds the same. Anyway, I won't get all spoilerific, but yeah, cool.

Both HIMYM and Big Bang Theory seem to be improving, though I'm still pretty meh about BBT. I really enjoyed this weeks episodes. Especially HIMYM. The Marshall and Lily merging into one person was funny and scarily true of people I know. Barney's constant insulting Canada would have got old really fast if a) he was anyone but Barney and b) he hadn't got beaten up for it at the end. I'm sure though that if Robin was being sued for assault and facing deportation, she wouldn't be able to just take the citizenship test and become American to get out of it. Maybe I'm wrong though. But the part where she got so drunk she woke up in Toronto was hilarious. And Barney's attempted dramatic sweeping open of the curtains to reveal not the Toronto skyline but a brick wall of the opposite building was classic.

Big Bang Theory was slightly less about Leonard/Penny and more about actual comedy. Which was better. Sheldon's hatred of Wil Wheton was funny. Howard's date with Penny's freind was okay too. It's still not awesome though, is it? I want Leonard and Penny to break up and give me my show back. Please?

They're both off next week though, so no new episodes for two weeks. Much like pretty much everything. I don't get why American TV does that. Something to do with sweeps, someone said. I don't even really even know what that is. Anyway, I have Heroes to catch up on, as well as they stuff that's showing here, should be enough to keep me occupied.

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