prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

No no no no NO! Wrong! Incorrect!

From The Watcher @ the Chicago Tribune site.

But back to "Big Bang Theory," which is what prompted this post in the first place. I can't point to any particular thing the show is doing differently this season, but it's just executing on every level in a very pleasing way (and the ratings reflect that: "Big Bang Theory" has gotten its highest-ever ratings in its third season). The characters have become humanized and multi-dimensional, their relationships are believable and well-sketched and the one-liners and jokes are consistently funny.

Something else to like: The show hasn't made a huge deal of the fact that Leonard and Penny are now dating. That aspect of "Big Bang Theory" hasn't taken over the show, but it has become a dependable source of relationship comedy that, thankfully, isn't overly contrived or generically "sitcommy."

Isn't that the opposite of what I've been saying. Seriously, end the relationship now, of at least stop pointing the cameras at it. Or even keep it but make it good. Y'know, like HIMYM has managed to do. Please?
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