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So, Sanctuary finale

First of all, a spider crawling into someone's mouth while they're sleeping? Ick!

Great episode, but disappointing in places. Still, probably one of the best of the season. Not as good as Sleepers, and the first ones of the season were pretty awesome too. Also, I hate cliffhanger endings. And it's not just the Big Bertha/Kali sending out a massive tsunami cliffhanger, it's evil New York sanctuary Paul McGillion guy trying to depose Magnus, and what's going to happen to Will?

The bad guy said at the start that "When the bug leaves the body, you die." Which doesn't sound good. So either Magnus is going to have to come up with some way of helping him, or they're going to have to put it back in him. And the host at the start of the episode had been around longer than Magnus, so it looks like there would be benefits to putting it back in him.

Um, the dancing bit. I don't get that. Why would a giant spider somewhere at the bottom of the ocean (because that's what she is, not the pretty girl he's seeing) be interested in Will dancing around making a fool of himself in the streets of Mumbai?! But anyway, I enjoyed Will making a bit of a fool of himself, and it seemed to work, until that idiot struck out with the depth charges.

Also, didn't Kate say her mother lives in Mumbai? She should have gone to see her, or at least mentioned that she might do.

And finally, because it needs to be said again, a spider crawling into someone's mouth while they're asleep is just ick.

Bring on season three!
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